About Us

Warren E. Bow

   “Home of the Soaring Eagles.  We soar in achievement, excellence and character!”


Welcome to Warren E. Bow School.  Whether you are returning or a new member, we are excited to have you as a member of the Bow School Family!  We look forward to a year filled with excellent achievement for all members of the family.  We are excited about learning and teaching.  We know that we have the absolute best students, staff, parents and community members.

Your participation in the learning process is crucial to success.  We encourage you to become actively involved in the learning process.  Students and parents can achieve so much more when everyone involved is committed!  We hope that you will pledge your commitment to excellence.


Our purpose is to provide the best educational experience possible to every student enrolled at Bow School.


Teach to mastery in a nurturing environment


All children will learn academia when provided a nurturing environment with appropriate and proper academic placement and support