Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a short-term intervention for first graders having extreme difficulty with early reading and writing.  Specially trained teachers work individually with students in daily 30-minute lessons lasting from 12 to 20 weeks. After a full series of lessons, about 75% of these formerly lowest students reach grade-level standard.



Reading Recovery serves the lowest-achieving first graders – the students who are not catching on to the complex set of concepts that make reading and writing possible.



Individual students receive a half-hour lesson each school day for 12 to 20 weeks with a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher.  As soon as students can meet grade-level expectations and demonstrate that they can continue to work independently in the classroom, their lessons are discontinued, and new students begin individual instruction.


The Goal of Reading Recovery:

To ensure that children who struggle in learning to read and write gain the skills for a literate and productive future.